Ugly Syntax Highlighter

It's not smart, but compatible for clipboard.

1. Paste your code


2. Copy to clipboard

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highlight code will be shown here...


* Compatible for ALL TYPES OF EDITORS.

This syntax hilight uses only font-tag, so you can use copy/paste in legacy rich text editors.
The below photos are screenshot at Evernote, YUI Rich Text Editor, and Yahoo! Japan's rich text editor.

* Various Languages

You can use many languages for syntax hilight.

* Available for Offline

This syntax highlight is driven by pure Javascript.


It's simple. Just PASTE and Copy. That's it.

Local Usage

  1. Get software. Click here to download or git clone
  2. Extract and open "index.html" like this:
    % git clone
    % cd Ugly-Syntax-Highlighter/webroot
    % open index.html